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Customized Functional Fitness Package

This service is best suited for individuals who wish to perform a whole body comprehensive strength, stability and mobility program.

This package includes four one-hour sessions and a customized exercise program.
The initial session will begin with a sit down consultation, gathering information on injury, exercise history, goals, availability, etc. We then proceed with a musculoskeletal assessment, testing for strength and flexibility and screening for movement and stability.

A customized strength and conditioning program will be developed based on the consultation and evaluation results. A workout plan and videos of each exercise are provided and during the 60 minute coaching session, we will go through appropriate technique for each of the strength and flexibility exercises, ensuring you’re comfortable with the form and technique. Subsequent meetings are booked 1-2 weeks apart providing opportunities to review technique and provide feedback and modifications as required.

One on One and Small Group Coaching Sessions
Thirty minute and one-hour coaching sessions are available to individuals and small groups who wish to run through their workout under the direction of a certified coach. You will benefit from the guidance and coaching, ensuring that all exercises are being performed with the correct technique. Additionally, minor program modifications and progressions may be made during this time.

Packages of One on One Coaching Sessions

All sessions are available in cost efficient packages of five sessions. For all packages, we will include the evaluation, program and videos. Often we will use the first session to perform the comprehensive evaluation and consultation, and the second session to demonstrate the customized workout program. Subsequent sessions may be used for coaching and progression - where you will benefit from the guidance ensuring that all exercises are being performed with the correct technique.

Athletic Therapy/Movement Performance Sessions

For individuals with injury, pain or movement dysfunction causing barriers in training performance and everyday life. The initial 1 hour session includes an assessment to establish a baseline for movement, your injury, source of pain and potential contributing factors. Manual therapy, education and corrective exercise prescription to address the findings of the assessment are also included in the initial assessment.

Additional sessions are 30 or 45 minutes in length and include appropriate manual treatment and exercise progressions to help move you along your health continuum.