About us

About us

Welcome to Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance. At Continuum, our goal is to help you progress along your health continuum, whether it be recovering from injury, training for a 10km running race, getting back into shape after pregnancy, improving posture, correcting a muscle imbalance, training at the elite level or wanting more endurance for every day activities.

Every client typically begins with a full musculoskeletal assessment to help determine if there are any muscle imbalances, weaknesses or tight areas. Based on the assessment and your personal goals, we customize a training program or recommend therapy that’s right for you. You can update your program every few weeks or months, train with us regularly or join our classes. There’s no pressure to sign up and commit to “X” number of sessions a week. We’re here to guide you along the way at whatever capacity you need.

Our facility is equipped with functional pieces of equipment. You’ll see squat racks, cable systems, dumbbells, exercise balls, TRXs, BOSUs, bands and medicine balls. Most importantly, you’ll use your own body - an amazing piece of resistance. Click here to check out our studio photo gallery.

Our practitioners and coaches are highly educated and experienced. John and Sarah each have over 20 years of full time experience in the field. Both are fit individuals that walk the walk. Sarah is a Registered Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist and John is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, one of the most highly regarded certifications within North America.

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